Ornamental Fence

For many years now, homeowners have been using Mauldin & Cook Fence Co. most decorative ornamental barriers to protect the perimeter of their homes in North Atlanta. Each post can be designed to match a style of your liking. Some specific styles also give you the option of having beautiful, eye-catching spears placed on the top of each post. Our ornamental options also can be shaped into almost any curve that you would like.

When considering buying this type of fencing, you need to think about what you and your family or business will be using it for. If you are wanting to increase the resale value of your home, the installation of ornamental materials will help you with doing so. This style has been proven to significantly increase the value of a home. Aluminum and steel ornamental options also provide great levels of security for your home or business property.

Overall, this type of barrier can help to complement the look of any residence, commercial, or industrial location. Our options are very customizable and can be installed easily at relatively low costs. They can also be coated with powder for a beautiful look that will last for many years to come

Types Available for Installation


You may be wondering, “what are the advantages to using aluminum fencing materials?” Aluminum is very low maintenance. It doesn’t rust and is incredibly affordable. All you will ever need to do is hose it off every now and then to prevent the buildup of any dirt or debris that may collect. Our aluminum options provide great security for protecting your children and home or business from animals or trespassers. This type of fencing can be customized to meet any length, color, or height.


Steel also never rusts due to its galvanization. It’s very low maintenance and has been used as a fencing material for hundreds of years now. It’s very popular in the area for homes, businesses, and industrial locations. Steel is exceptionally strong and aesthetically-pleasing.