Chain Link Fence

Mauldin & Cook Fence Co. offers chain link fence installation for residential or commercial areas. A property without any kind of barrier around it provides great opportunity for a burglary to happen. It’s easy for unwanted individuals to trespass onto your property if you don’t have any kind of protective barrier installed. Today, it’s important to protect your home, business, or industrial location with every measure possible. It’s been proven that an unfenced property is more prone to burglary. Chain link fencing is a very popular option commonly used in the Atlanta GA area.

The fencing itself is composed of steel wires that are coated and galvanized. There are numerous types of styles available to you and we can help you choose the perfect option based on your location’s unique needs. There are single and double sized gates available. Single chain styles are most commonly used in situations where walk-through gates are needed. Double sized chain links are used when vehicles need to drive through the area. The double sized option has wide spaces that make it possible for cars to drive through.

As stated, chain link provides for better security for your home, business, or industrial location. You have the ability to see now if anything suspicious is happening on your property in enclosed area. Our materials are also incredibly durable and can handle both extreme heat and bitter cold. It’s also very affordable to purchase and install. The overall cost for the entire project is a fraction of the cost of having a steel or concrete walls and barriers installed.