Guard Rail Fence

Here at Mauldin & Cook Fence Co., we can provide guard rail fence installation for the sides of highways and back road areas in Atlanta GA. This material is designed to be incredibly strong so that if a vehicle runs into it, it will be kept on the road instead of running off into a ditch, field, or into trees, rocks, or other hazardous situations. These fencing options are generally used to promote public safety by preventing individuals from crossing over to the other side of the rail. They have been known to help with preventing a number of serious accidents, injuries, and even deaths.

In addition to being installed along roadways, this fencing material can also be installed in other areas that may be considered “dangerous,” such as along the top of a roof line in a parking garage or along a pedestrian bridge. The posts are placed securely where they belong, and when installed properly, they will not come loose or create weakened areas along the guard rail itself. Our team at Mauldin Cook Fence has numerous years of experience installing guard rails in many different types of situations, and we will be sure that they are securely attached and in place at your location.

Livestock Fencing

Along with being installed for pedestrian and vehicular safety, we can also install what is known as livestock guard rail fencing. This is when the material that is commonly used in a rail is used in a fence to keep cows, horses, pigs, chickens, goats, and sheep inside of a closed-in area. Because the steel material is so strong, it makes for the perfect option for farmers who want to keep their animals secure and safe in their designated grazing areas. It also prevents other wildlife from getting into their property and causing problems.